Green Consulting

As green consultants, we are involved from the very beginning to make productions as sustainable as possible. We can identify potential for a green shoot as early as the script stage and advise the production. Without interfering in the creative process, of course.

Our work plays a crucial role in reducing emissions at every stage of production.

Even at a later stage, there are many possibilities to produce sustainably - from energy management to seasonal and regional ingredients, we take care of all open questions regarding Green Shooting.

Sustainability mapping

To ensure that the negative environmental impact of a production is as low as possible, it is important to carry out extensive data analyses already in the preparation phase. This enables us to develop an effective sustainability plan with precisely defined measures and goals in accordance with ISO standard 14001.

In this way, the resources used can be minimized and added value generated both ecologically and economically.


During production, the sustainability plan helps to meet or exceed the set targets. After consultation, the production team can call on the expert advice and support of the green consultant on set, who will take over the reporting. This:r expert:in answers your questions regarding sustainable production to ensure success at all levels. Challenges are thus tackled in an efficient and solution-oriented manner across all trades.


After the production is completed, the CO₂ calculator for film and TV productions by KlimAktiv in cooperation with MFG Baden-Württemberg helps to create an individual environmental balance sheet for each project. This way, filmmakers can concretely track their ecological footprint.

Final Report

The final outcome and sustainability plan provide the framework for a comprehensive assessment of the set targets. Efficiency can be further optimised by breaking these down to the individual trades and using the insights gained in the process for future endeavours.

Greenigma step by step

Step One

First of all, we estimate the emissions of the planned production and prepare a report based on this.

Step Two

We design a plan to reduce CO₂ emissions and meet minimum standards tailored to your production .

Step Three

During the individual production phases, we can assist you with the implemented processes and are at your service for any questions that may arise.

Step Four

On set we track emissions and keep the production management informed. This way, milestones can be celebrated and deviations implemented.

Step Five

Once production is complete, we create a final report you can submit to funding boards, for example. This report contains all data and information about your green shoot.

Step Six

In the debriefing, we evaluate what was achieved and what to improve next time. This paves the way for green shooting and sustainability in your future productions.

Your impact with Greenigma

Our work contributes to many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that emerged from the UN's 2030 Agenda. Specifically in the area of environmental sustainability, our goal is to transform the culture and film industry towards an environmentally friendly and circular economy.

To ensure long-term success and good health, we want to promote sustainable behaviors. We provide guidance on harmful materials to inform users of the potential consequences while offering viable alternatives that contribute to the well-being of all.

Our commitment to the energy transition results in significant progress. We support the use of green electricity via power outlets to increase the sustainability factor and reduce carbon emissions.

Every decision we make helps shape our social and ecological environment. By encouraging these tweaks in daily habits, we can bring meaningful change towards lasting sustainability; one possibility here are reusable coffee cups, for example.